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The Boomsday Project

I’m proud to announce my involvement in this promotion for Blizzard, the Hearthstone card game, new card pack release: The Boomsday Project.

This was a terrific collaboration project to be a part of. I was responsible for the construction of the tracks for the two steel balls, the ball lift, and the tracks for the giant flaming tennis ball. Plus many other little odds and ends of welding magic where needed.

I’d also like to give a big shout out to Zach the foremost expert on building Rube Goldberg Machines. And to Adam Sadowsky of Syyn Labs who brought all of us together.


RBS Portfolio



Rolling Ball Sculpture will teach everyone who plays with or watches it everyday physics. By everyday physics I mean the ability everyone possesses to be able to judge when to catch a ball, or how high you think it might bounce off of a given surface. Rolling Ball Sculpture will demonstrate Potential energy, Stored energy, Kinetic energy, Motion –  and how all of these things combine.   How I got started making Rolling Ball Sculpture marble runs: I like to make paths. I always have. I started with dug-out trenches in our yard – and then put the hose to them to watch the water move and carve it’s path through the canyons of dirt.

Once I could get out on my own I spent a lot of time at the creek by our house playing with, manipulating, and watching the always moving water. I liked to make dams or would divert the water another way. Sometimes I would even bring a shovel. : ) Then I moved onto hand drawn pencil mazes.I spent a lot of time listening in class, while looking at the end of my pencil draw out endless paths on the white paper in front of me. The mazes were the best because pencil was easy to change, and you could be as creative as you wanted – with little limits on what you could draw.

(Except for me, I can’t draw, I can only doodle!) I got started making RBS’s with a toy that was given to me by my brother, Larry. It was a Spacewarp and it was basically making a path with two wires – and you had the added fun and challenge of inertia, gravity, potential and kinetic energy to explore…not to mention that when you completed it – it moved! In short it was the most awesome toy I’d yet had in my life. Thanks, Larry! All of my kinetic ball sculptures are unique and completely hand crafted. I spend many hours bending each 1/8″ piece of rod into curves and swerves by hand, then making precise and durable welds. The stainless steel construction is strong, and will not rust or tarnish. I bank nearly all of my corners without using guardrails (unless absolutely necessary) to keep the balls on the track. This keeps the sculpture uncluttered with unnecessary wire and makes it fun to look at when not operating and imagining the ball rolling through the corners or loop d’ loops without the ball falling off. Sure… They do look really cool… but where would I use one? Good Question.

These Marble Runs are a great addition to many different situations. They are used in waiting areas… Rooms for people who are just… waiting. They are popular in hospitals, lawyers offices, businesses, restaurants and even libraries.. They are also great for Trade Shows and Exploration Museums! Anywhere you want peoples’ attention, or need someone entertained! If your customers sometimes have to cool their heels, then these kinetic sculptures are just the thing you need to keep their attention away from how long they’ve been waiting. A marble run also provides great background noise. A perfect way to keep conversations private if you happen to have thin walls, or cubicles that don’t block sound well. The marbles on track provides nice white noise that is very effective, drawing attention to the marbles rolling on the tracks, through tipping arms and assorted elements, around spirals and back up the lift – and not to your conversation.

If you are purchasing for a business, company, as a gift, or need/want personalization of any kind, I can spell out your business name or personal name in wire. I can even make an element that compliments what you do, such as the “Scales of Justice” I created for the rolling ball sculpture that is going to a lawyer’s offices. These kinetic sculptures would be a wonderful addition to any waiting room or setting where one can come and watch. Rolling ball sculptures really draw the attention of kids, and their parents too

The sense of wonder will be remembered, and they will want to come again and again to see it. I make 3 basic styles:

  • Tabletop Freestanding
  • Medium & Large Floor Standing
  • Wall Mounted

All of my Marble Run’s are custom, so please get creative! Most of my pieces have been commissioned, so they are each unique to the individual buyer. If you see something that you think would be neat, let me know so I can create it for you. You can design and have any size or shape you envision. I am open to all of your input and inspiration! I’ve posted a lot of videos and pictures here, and if you want more, visit my YouTube channel!

Watch with wonder as the mesmerizing movement of colored marbles cycle through, and change patterns within these ever moving sculptures. Having a motorized, automatic marble lift gives these sculptures a heart beat. This is Rolling Ball Sculpture and Marble Run wall art! The ball-lift’s mechanical energy is transferred to a rhythmic and synchronized, yet scattered and chaotic colorful mix of moving marbles. The effect makes tracking marbles more fun and entertaining! This is what kinetic art is supposed to be. Rolling Ball Machine, simply put, is a Marble Run made just for a rolling ball. A two rail track twists and turns its way around, through, under and sometimes over any number of elements and surprises. The marble is the only power needed to motivate and animate these fun, living, pulsing pieces of kinetic wire art Rolling Ball Machines. I’ve filled this site with all kinds of goodies for you to check out. If you want more, subscribe to my YouTube Channel!