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Miniature Golf - Ball Lifts and Tracks

I'm also a specialist in building golf ball lifts, tracks, and other elements for miniature golf. Who doesn't like to play miniature golf? The best courses in my opinion are the indoor courses. Mostly because the operators of the course can make it look very pretty with a lot of bold colors and dynamic decorations that won't be affected by rain and sunlight. If you are making and developing your own course - I can build you components that you need to make your course more dynamic and interesting. This includes a golf-ball lift of any height, ball returns, and tracks to move the ball where you need it to go. The lift includes the pickup track at the bottom and the exit track at the top. You'll only need to screw it to the wall where needed and plug it in for easy operation.

And, of course, you'll probably want some tracks to collect the golf balls or to direct them to where you need them to be. I've built tracks that screw to a wall spread over 16ft wide and 8ft high. Splitting the track at the top so are two ways for the ball to make it to the bottom where it is directed into a bucket for collection. The tracks have been mounted behind the service desk where the customer pays for his/her clubs and gets a ball.


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