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One After Another

28″h X 18″w X 18″d – THREE tracks – Manually Released balls

One After Another

This complicated, tall desktop has a lot going on! First, it is semi-automatic. That means that after you load all of the balls into the top queue you only need to release one for it to operate on its own until they are exhausted. This works because when the ball reaches the bottom it hits a lever that automatically releases the next ball in the queue at the top. Also, this is one of my rarer RBS’s in that it does not have a loop d’ loop. Nearly every RBS I make has one. There are two tall coil sections, separated by a bit of track. Horizontal zigzags, a vertical zig-zag section, a flat spiral and a ball collecting tipping arm. Where the balls roll across the flat plate at the top, they can exit randomly onto one of two tracks. So much action here! You’ll want to watch the video more than once to see everything that this thing can do!

100% stainless steel, TIG welded.

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