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Gravity Well

28″h X 17″w X 16″d – TWO tracks – Manually released balls

Gravity Well

This one is a very unique project of mine. For a while I was using a 3D printer to make different parts that I could not otherwise make in metal. The black and white flat bowls on this desktop rolling ball sculpture are what I like to call a “gravity well”. This desktop is not motorized but hand activated. You release any number of balls by pressing the lever at the bottom. Two different tracks. Track one twists and turns to the bottom going around and in between the upper 3 gravity wells. This track empties into the last gravity well before dropping out through the center and lining up at the bottom waiting to be put back onto the top.

Track two has the marbles first entering a ball collector that tips with one to four marbles, your choice. By adding or removing a ball from the counter-wegiht basket you can adjust how many it will hold before released them. Then, those marbles travel through the upper three wells. They are super cool to watch as the balls spin around and around many times before dropping out the center. These first three gravity wells empty into the 4th and last well, where the two tracks merge together.

As always 100% stainless steel and TIG welded.

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