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Elementary Opening Credits

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Elementary Opening Credits

I am the one who created the rolling ball elements for the opening credits of Elementary! The producer sent me an email asking if I could create some rolling ball elements to be used in a “mouse trap” themed opening credit scenes for an upcoming TV show. When they asked for me to build these items, I did not know which show I was making parts for.

At the time I was working on a large 6ft x 6ft floor standing RBS that I shipped to Florida just for this shoot. When the camera shows a tall spiral, you can see fuzzed out in the background an entire RBS. Hard to see unless you’re looking for it. They shipped it back once shooting was complete.

What is not in the credits is a series of 3 sprockets with chains woven through them… but you can see below the elements I created that did make it into the mouse trap opening credits. Cool! It was a great show, and I was always pleased to see my work before most episodes.

See this ARTICLE on how the producer made this opening sequence happen!

Raw Elements Footage

100% stainless steel, TIG welded.

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