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Tapping Jig

This is a perfect tool for threading holes – nice and straight. The problem I’ve had with threading a drilled hole is keeping the tap straight and not getting those threads cut at an odd angle. This is another custom tool I got from Bill Bethke, my late friend and machinist. I have two of these assemblies. This is the larger one. The base is made from aluminum U channel so there is room for the tap to go through the hole and not run into the tabletop. The upright “L” is machined from solid aluminum and has sleeves pressed into it for the shaft of the tap assembly to move and turn without any binding.

I use this tool every time I make a chain lift or helical lift. This great tapping device helps me make the threads so I can insert the set screw into the adapter. The set screw holds against the flat of the “D” shaft (D shaped) and keep it from spinning when under load.

Another fabulous handmade tool that helps me make RBS.


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