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Super Cool Tool I’ve Always Wanted

That one super cool tool that’s as awesome as you thought it would be.

Why, yes, good guess. I AM talking about a super cool tool called an adjustable height table that can raise and lower with just the push of a button. And, not only that, but the top rotates on ball bearings so you can just turn it around whenever you want, super duper easy. Working at the bottom… squatting and bending down like a chump? Never again when you can just raise the height of your workpiece and bring it right up to table level.

And believe me I have dreamed of this table for a long time. But to get a good one, a tall motorized one new, they are somewhat expensive – so I made do with propping my work up on blocks or getting up on stepstools to work higher or lower as needed. It works but is slower and a whole lot more deliberate.

I was out “thrift shopping” and my lovely GF met a lady who had a storage unit full of stuff she was in the market to sell off, just up the street. We met her and perused her very full storage of mostly upholstery related things. Right up front though, covered in boxes, was this table, meant for upholstery repair. I got it for a great price. It looked practically new.

It’s been AWESOME to lift and lower my stuff whenever I want. When it’s all the way down and the feet are lifted off the floor there are casters that let you roll it around.

Anyway, see a brief video of it working below.


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