Wall Mounted

wall82_bWALL MOUNTED Rolling Ball Sculptures are the perfect way to have an RBS without taking up too much space. Which is why they are my most popular type of RBS. Not very heavy (15-25 lbs), they are easy to mount, and on the wall they are out of the way.

Because they are mounted on a wall, the action is a bit more two dimensional, and require a bit more strategy when OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAbuilding and placing track paths. Because of the back and forth, and the fact that it’s up against a wall, corners can be tight, and space is limited. As they say, though, necessity is the Mother of invention. And that is what if feels like sometimes as I visualize the possible paths the track can take, none look good and leave the ball path trapped, so I have to do something interesting to keep the ball rolling. It’s a fun challenge.

wall79I’ve got many wall mounted rolling ball sculptures on YouTube. I’ll post several here though so you don’t have to sift through the pile yourself.


Wall Mounted #222


Gravity Released Ball Mechanism on Wall Mounted #220

Wall Mounted #226

Wall Mounted #236

#214 – 6ft Ring Lift RBS – 7ft x 7ft overall. Four tracks


Interactive #214 hand operated RBS. 26″ x 26″ x 11″


#166 – 54″w x 30″h x 18″d – Three tracks

#154 – 24″h X 36″w – Two tracks

#152 – 4’h X 3’w – Three tracks

#89 – 3’h X 3’w – Three tracks

#88 – 3’h X 4’w – Three tracks

#87 – 5’h X 30″w – Three tracks

#82 – 27″h X 37″w – Three tracks

#80 – 6’h X 6’w – Four tracks

#79 – 3’h X 3’w – Three tracks

#77 – 40″h x 28’w – Three tracks

#75 – 32″w X 24″h – Three tracks

#69 – 32″w X 20″h – One track